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About us
About us

Astreco Rent is a member of Astreco Holding, which includes firms specializing in automotive transport, as well as the service and maintenance of motor vehicles.

Bultraco AD, the official representative of Honda in Bulgaria, Bultraco Motors dealerships with branches in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna, as well as Astreco Trucks, where you will find the official Bosch Car repair shop and service center for annual automotive inspections, are all included as a part of our portfolio.

All of our companies have established themselves firmly onto the Bulgarian market, with our 26-year experience in the sphere of transport services.

Only our firm can offer the rent-a-car service for the Honda brand, a symbol of reliability, quality and and high fuel economy.

Our services are appreciated not only by our corporate clients, but by our numerous end users as well.

Being a member of Astreco Holding, all of our vehicles are in outstanding shape, owing to our numerous licensed car repair shops, which service our vehicles with the utmost of care.

Astreco Rent offers its clients the opportunity for both short term and long term rent in the form of an operating lease.

With Honda automobiles, we ensure your time is well spent and that you may enjoy a pleasurable drive.